Sir Joey McGee is a three-year-old chihuahua born with deformations in his front legs making it difficult for him to walk, eat and drink water.  They found him at a high kill shelter and he was rescued by a local Dallas rescue, Chance’s Haven. Given Sir Joey’s complex situation, Chance’s Haven reached out to Marina Tarashevska of Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab and Reform who took the dog and worked with New York Second Chance rescue to get Joey medical help. It is often the case that local and national rescues work with each other to ensure the animals get the best care. Sir Joey was awaiting transport to New York when Marina brought Sir Joey to visit Dialexa.

It was during this visit when Ken Hanson, Dialexa’s resident growth hacker, first laid eyes on Sir Joey. Later that night, Marina posted a video of Sir Joey walking around the kitchen on his two legs. He looked like a T-Rex so we all started calling Sir Joey a Chi-Rex. Ken fell in love and requested to formally adopt Sir Joey. Volunteers built several wheelchairs for Sir Joey but he needed something that was custom fit, due to Sir Joey’s asymmetrical body. 

Dialexa InNovate Leads to Rapid Prototyping Joey's New Wheels

In the beginning of this year, Dialexa launched Dialexa Innovate, an initiative to create a safe and encouraging process to work on innovative projects. The program is designed to push our team to be more creative, and learn best practices, new skills and new technologies. Every Friday at 1 p.m., assuming we meet all client project requests, we can work on independent projects as a team.

Rapid Prototyping

A team of Dialexa engineers formed a Dialexa Innovate project led by Hardware Engineer, Romeo España, and began prototyping a custom wheelchair using our 3-D printer. The prototype evolved over 8 different iterations from a body cast, using Legos to quickly prototype, trying different types of wheels, with each iteration making the wheelchair more and more functional for Sir Joey. After seeing our posts on Dialexa’s Instagram account, NBC5 and D Magazine’s new site, Dallas Innovates ran stories on Sir Joey.

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We have loved having Sir Joey in the office on Friday’s. We think we finally know how he survived all these years without his forever family -- his incredible spirit. He is funny, sweet and through all the poking and prodding, he never once showed displeasure. Joey can finally eat and drink water on his own.

Here is a video we made here at Dialexa that shows how this came together.


The Dialexa Innovate initiative that created Sir Joey’s wheelchair is indicative of the digital transformations that modern organizations are currently undergoing. If you want to learn how to channel Sir Joey’s spirit in a successful digital transformation at your organization, download our latest free white paper, The Pillars of a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy, today for a comprehensive guide.

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