Rosy, the latest company out of Dialexa Labs, is empowering women across the US with resources for their sexual wellness.

Rosy has created the first of its kind mobile application with physicians and psychologists that connects women who have low sexual desire with evidence-based resources for improvement. Rosy provides these 31 million women with hope, community, and real solutions.

Lyndsey Harper, MD, FACOG, IF is the Founder and CEO of Rosy. In private practice as an ob/gyn, Dr. Harper realized the massive deficit of resources for her many patients who were suffering with low libido and sexual dysfunction. She has now dedicated her career to bringing awareness, education, and resources to both physicians and patients about these very common but rarely discussed issues that can often leave women feeling isolated and ashamed.

“No one ever talks openly about decreased sexual desire in women, yet there are startups being launched every day focused on making solutions for men’s sexual problems easily available. It’s time for women to have the same or even better options for sexual wellness. Rosy is dedicated to serving women and freeing them from shame and embarrassment. With Rosy now live, we have started building our team in order to reach the millions of women that need our help.”

Rosy is unlike anything else available. It provides a convenient and complete resource for women including sexual health assessments, a collection of expert created videos on sex education, a customizable library of romantic and sexy stories, and videos with psychologists for women to watch at their own pace and incorporate into their lives to increase sexual desire. Rosy institutes a comprehensive approach to sexual wellness, which is exactly what women need.

rosy mobile app

Rosy’s mission is clear and transformational: to spread the word that low sexual desire is extremely common, erase isolation with open conversation, and offer easily accessible and proven solutions for women’s sexual wellness. This mission is vital to the health and happiness of millions of women and their partners.

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