Front End Developer

As a front-end developer at Dialexa, Adam blends art and web development to design new technology products that are simple and delightful to use.

Prior to joining Dialexa, he worked at DealerTrack Technologies where he built websites and web applications for automotive dealerships. With a specialty in front-end development, front-end architecture and responsive design on a large scale, his front-end expertise helps create seamless user experiences in both desktop and mobile environments.

He is an avid car enthusiast and his passion for all things automobile goes beyond his past work. As a member of the Texas Automotive Writers Association (TAWA), he is often invited to get behind the wheel and preview vehicles coming into the market, then write about the latest and greatest in automobile technology through his posts on websites like txGarage.

Adam is a graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas.

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Building Web Apps With Web Components

Building Web Apps With Web Components

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