The holiday season is upon us! A time to relax with family and friends and reflect on what we’re truly thankful for.

In a week, the United States will be recognizing Thanksgiving. And all over the world, families will be coming together over the next few months for a wide range of celebrations.

Regardless of the specific celebration, one thing will be consistent—the family meals we’ll share for the holidays.

With that in mind, we want to offer you a Black Friday wish list for an Internet of Things kitchen that will help bring your appliances into the future and make you a little more thankful for digital innovation this holiday season.

1.  Tefal Actifry Smart XL

The Tefal Actifry Smart XL is a Bluetooth-powered fryer that lets you send recipes directly from your smartphone or tablet. If you’re thinking of frying any of your favorite holiday foods (and still want to be health conscious), you’ll want to check out the 200+ recipes available through the Tefal Actifry app.

  • Available from: Amazon UK
  • Prices starting at: £320

2.  iSommelier Smart Decanter

What’s the holiday season without a little wine? The iSommelier Smart Decanter can soften up the tannins to bring your wine to a maturity that may take years of cellaring. With its smart base and digital screen to show a wine’s name, vintage, and aeration progress, you can be the sommelier for any family dinner.

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3.  LG Smart ThinQ Cooker

The most stressful part of hosting your family holiday dinner is the potential to burn or overcook the food. But with the LG Smart ThinQ Cooker, you have a built-in cooking management app that helps you pre-set temperatures and time frames to avoid a real-life scene of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

4.  Egg Minder

Not all Internet of Things kitchen products have to be big appliances to ease your holiday stress. The Egg Minder is a crowdfunding success story that will keep count of your eggs (up to 14 at once), using LED lights and a companion app to show you which eggs are oldest and which might be going bad.

  • Available from: Amazon
  • Prices starting at: $14

5.  Invoxia Triby

Sometimes you’re just too busy to slow down and remember everything you meant to tell your holiday dinner helpers. In an age where you’ve got more instant messaging platforms to choose from than messages you’ll ever send, the Invoxia Triby revives the old standby—the kitchen memo.

This Alexa-enabled speaker lets you leave messages for loved ones and even contact them through WiFi calling. Communication is the key to any successful holiday dinner.

  • Available from: Amazon and Invoxia Website
  • Prices starting at: $138 on Amazon

6.  Range Smart Thermometer

If you aren’t going all-out and buying a new, smart oven for your holiday cooking needs, this precision food thermometer can help make sure you cook the juiciest turkey of all. The thermometer sends data to the mobile app to give you detailed temperature graphs and readouts in real time.

7.  Cinder Precision Grill

With a focus on precision cooking, Cinder can track your food as it heats and automatically stop cooking once your food is done—a real stress-reducer for holiday chefs. The companion app lets you set it and forget it without defrosting, preheating or preparing your food for cooking, tracking progress all along the way.

8.  Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

You may be noticing a trend—but this smart frying pan is all about temperature control and perfect timing to ensure your holiday food is perfectly cooked every time. This gadget lets you check the exact temperature inside whatever you have sizzling on the pan and lets you know when it’s ready. No more sticking a fork in it to see if it’s done!

9.  Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

First time hosting the family holiday dinner? Don’t worry, this smart device promises an easy-to-use IoT kitchen baking experience, guiding you through recipes through a companion app. You pick out a recipe, place a bowl on the Bluetooth-enabled scale, and let the app tell you how much of each ingredient to add. Your holiday desserts will be better than ever!

10.  Crock-Pot WeMo

The Crock-Pot has long been a mainstay of the kitchen. But when you’re so busy during the holiday season, it might be nice to make your Crock-Pot smarter. This smart Crock-Pot lets you adjust cooking time and temperature of your meals from your smartphone. With WeMo integration, this Crock-Pot fits into other smart home products like the Mr. Coffee smart coffeemaker.

Embracing the Connected Future

We’ve said it before—the Internet of Things is not a fadThis Black Friday wish list of IoT kitchen products is a fun consumer-side overview of the range of ways the Internet of Things is entering our lives. However, the ways that IoT will affect your B2B enterprise will be equally expansive.

Whether we like it or not, Internet of Things innovation will be essential to the growth of every enterprise as the second wave of digital transformation takes shape.

If you want to learn more about the role IoT will play in your organization, download our free ebook, Real World Internet of Things—A Foundation for Understanding IoT Uses for the B2B Enterprise.

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