The Business Opportunity of Smart Cities

Smart City innovations are about to take off in a real way, and it's not too late to get ahead of the technological, sociological and business transformations that will change our lives before you know it.

Smart Cities - Big Book
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“City life is changing alongside new technology innovation. Smart cities won’t just be the biggest metropolitan areas—they’ll spread out into today’s suburbs." - Justin Crandall, CEO of Robin

Apply Smart City Innovation for Genuine Business Outcomes

  1. How will increasing urbanization affect the business landscape?
  2. What are the main accelerators behind the Smart City movement?
  3. Where is there opportunity to innovate in these IoT environments?

Additional Resources

  • 0.1_BH_SmartCities-page-4-737399-edited.jpg
    Page 4. 81% of the U.S. population currently live in cities and that number is expected to rise to 87% by 2050
  • 0.1_BH_SmartCities-page-15.jpg
    Page 15. Smart City insights from ParkHub CEO George Baker