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The first episode of Custom Made is now live and I wanted to kick it off with Dialexa's co-founder and CEO, Scott Harper as my first guest. 

We sat down to talk about how he saw the business opportunity around custom engineering that put him on the path to launching Dialexa - a technology services firm that specializes in designing and building custom products and platforms. As well as two subsequent companies disrupting their respective sectors - Vinli and Robin - as part of Dialexa Labs, Dialexa's internal innovation and development engine that continues to cultivate business ideas and establish new companies.

Scott is a serial entrepreneur who has launched multiple technology product companies over the past decade, is the winner of the Ernst & Young Emerging Technology Entrepreneurs Of The Year® 2016 Southwest Award, and has steered Dialexa - as its CEO - through the ups and downs of moving from a startup to a growing brand whilst achieving year-on-year growth and with the team being recognized two years in a row by Entrepreneur.com as one of the top entrepreneurial companies in America.

We discussed everything from:

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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