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This week on Custom Made I'm joined by serial entrepreneur, Dialexa Chairman, and Vinli CEO Mark Haidar who is sharing the chapters to date that tells the story of connected car platform, Vinli - from conception, to product launch at TechCrunch Disrupt's Startup Battlefield, and beyond. 

Mark discovered technology at a young age thanks to a couple of computers donated to his school by the United Nations. Born and raised in Lebanon, Mark founded his first tech company by the age of 17, and built award-winning technology systems before his 21st birthday. After moving to the U.S. to study at the University of Detroit Mercy, Mark led the development of a connected car project for the US Army. With aspirations to create a better world through technology, Mark co-founded Dialexa with our CEO, Scott Harper.

As Dialexa grew they developed an internal incubator, Dialexa Labs, that has spun out three companies including Vinli, the world’s leading connected car platform, and Robin, the world's first robotic mowing service. Today, Mark is the Chief Executive Officer of Vinli, and sits on the board of Vinli, Dialexa, Nara, Robin Technologies, UNICEF USA (Great Plains Region), and is an active member of YPO. When he’s not in Dallas, Mark is sharing his story on the global stage, and advocating for children and refugee rights.

The Dialexa Labs team designed and developed Vinli with the original mission of making the most disconnected mobile device in the world - automobiles - connected! 

The team conceived and created the most powerful and comprehensive connected car platform in the world, reimagining the in-car experience for both drivers and passengers. The solution is comprised of the most powerful connected car platform and OBD-II device out there, the most comprehensive app store for any car or model, and the most diverse suite of applications and services for vehicles.

During our conversation, Mark breaks down the four chapters to date of the Vinli story:

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