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This week I am excited to be talking to Dave Copps, founder and CEO of Brainspace CorporationWe are exploring the impact AI is having on your business and our society in episode #011 of Custom Made

Dave is a Dallas-based visionary leader in the local and international tech community and evangelist on the role technology will play in transforming the world. For the past 15 years, as a technologist, entrepreneur and CEO he has founded and launched three successful companies focused on machine learning and AI.

Dave currently serves as founder and CEO of Brainspace Corporation, a global leader in Investigative Analytics and Cyber Security, which was acquired by Cyxtera in mid-2017.

Brainspace is playing a lead role in the area of augmenting human intelligence using data visualization to connect people more intimately with AI and radically alter their ability to surface important patterns and insights in data.

During our conversation, Dave and I cover a lot of ground around the topic of Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing our businesses and our society from Ai Winters, to government regulation, from how machines think, to multi-dimensional problem solving to humans co-evolving with technology.

To get us all up to speed, there three types of Ai:

  • To start with there is ANI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence which is non-sentient machine intelligence, typically focused on a narrow task. Today, we are are working with this type of AI.
  • AGI or Artificial General Intelligence is the second type, which is a machine with the ability to apply intelligence to any problem, rather than a specific and predefined set of problems. Think of AGI as being “at least as smart as a typical human”. This type of AI does not exist yet, but as we push the boundaries of narrow AI, we are getting closer.
  • And finally ASI or Artificial Super Intelligence which is an AI far surpassing that of the brightest and most gifted human minds.

Where AGI is hardly on the horizon, super intelligence is much more uncertain. A godlike AI seems like a huge leap, but many scientists caution that the moment we unlock AGI, the exponential power of AI could rocket from AGI to super intelligence. Many warn that this is something that needs to be approached carefully as we barrel down the path of ever more sophisticated AI.

Dave also shares the story of Brainspace, his most recent AI company, that creates “brains” in a matter of hours to analyze millions of documents and conversations - whether that is looking within an organization or around a particular research topic. This brain then creates visualizations to allow users to interact with the data to answer their questions.

Over the years, Dave's companies have placed machine learning and AI in thousands of organizations, including all major consultancies and intelligence agencies, around the globe.

Throughout our conversation Dave recommends a couple of resources to develop your skills around AI, here are some quick links to help you check them out:

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