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We are on episode #013 of Custom Made and this week I’ve got a great episode with guests Scott Harper, Dialexa’s co-founder and CEO, and Chris Garrick, Sr Partner here at Dialexa.

If you haven’t yet listened to episode #1 of Custom Made, be sure to check it out after you have finished with this episode. In episode #1, I catch up with Scott on how he saw the business opportunity of custom product development that led to Dialexa being born.

Scott and the team here at Dialexa have worked with a broad range of organizations, across a variety of industries to drive innovation through custom product development.

Along with Scott, I’m joined on this episode by Chris Garrick. Chris is a Senior Partner at Dialexa and represents the voice of the client across our organization having held positions on both sides of the services/client relationship.

Chris joined the Dialexa leadership team last year bringing more than 20 years of strategy, operational and consulting experience specializing in digital transformation and has helped several companies enable their strategic capabilities through technology. He has founded two technology companies and held various leadership positions across the energy, finance and technology industries.

Most recently Chris comes from spending the past five years at CBRE where he served as Global SVP of Technology and Innovation focused on leading technology transformation strategy development and new tech identification, introduction and incubation. Whilst at CBRE Chris co-founded CBRE Labs - a dedicated team focused on innovation, design thinking and building a case for change through experimentation.

Prior to CBRE, he was a consultant specializing in the intersection of technology and business at Booz & Company, where he was aligned with the consumer, media and digital practice.

On this weeks episode, I’m talking with Scott and Chris on how to drive innovation within an enterprise organization.

Innovation is definitely a word that has lost its impact and its value due to being overused and misused, and means different things to different people - or just makes you want to roll your eyes!

Successful innovation is also typically associated with the start-up community, whereas an enterprise organization can be known as the place where innovation dies or not utilized to drive business impact, but instead becomes an outlier or science fair project within the organization.

But that is not true, an enterprise organization has an existing customer base to build new products, offerings or companies off of. They have established processes and resources that can accelerate growth, and there is a wealth of experience that if tapped in to and aligned in the right way can be extremely powerful.

Now don’t get me wrong there are still hurdles to overcome for innovation to be successful within an organization and so in today’s episode, we wanted to address what it actually means to innovate within an enterprise.

During this episode we address the following key topics:

  • What does it mean to innovate at a large organization
  • What does an enterprise innovation process look like
  • And why you should focus on a Case for Change rather than a Business Case to set expectations for the projects you take on

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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