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Welcome to episode #016 of Custom Made and today I’m chatting with Claire Burge, Founder and CEO of WYNDRBefore I explain what WYNDR does, let me tell you a little bit about Claire.

Born, raised and schooled in South Africa where she studied Entrepreneurship and Psychology, Claire then spent a decade in Europe after the 2008 crash watching Europe rebuild itself and became a global influencer in technology, before moving to Dallas, TX.

Claire is a human behavior specialist who has a deep understanding of how digital disruption is impacting companies at a leadership, system, process and individual level.

A published author, and global speaker, Claire invites us to reinvent work, suggesting that chaotic systems can bring more effective results than working systematically.

Part adventure seeker, part nerd, part psychologist, part technologist. Claire is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded multiple companies, is a board member of AccelerateHer, Mom to a little girl, a dog, and 3 cats.

Now let's talk about WNDYR, a company who specializes in optimizing team productivity through product onboarding. Their work touches more than 450 new SMB, corporate and enterprise clients every month, globally.

WNYDR is the company who understands how the world works: they deploy work management software and analyze how individuals traverse the working day inside the multiple systems they live. The work they do sets companies onto a path of digital transformation that places their customer at the heart of all they do.

On this weeks episode, Claire and I are discussing why the human factor is so critical to successful business transformation.

Too often enterprise organizations focus purely on the technology to drive transformation or self-disruption and then leave success to chance or at the very least human nature. In our conversation we also explore the lack of customer-centric digital transformation - technology change is still happening within specific areas of a business such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Support, specific business units, but not across these departments with the customer at the center.

There are a number of key factors CIOs, Innovation leaders, Intrapreneurs and Venture leaders need to be considering when planning digital disruption and transformation projects. This includes:

  • Understanding the link between digital disruption, product/service innovation, product onboarding and humans
  • Evaluating the changing landscape of skills required in business to function optimally in a digitally disrupted world
  • And better understanding the role of Onboarding Agencies and Customer Success Agencies in the successful rollout of digital disruption projects

Throughout our conversation Claire recommends a couple of resources to develop your skills around Customer Success and Product Adoption, here are some quick links to help you check them out::

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Here are some of the memorable moments from Claire's episode of Custom Made:

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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