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Welcome to episode #012 of Custom Made and today I’m joined by Josh Reeves and James Utley from the Research and Design practice here at Dialexa.

Josh Reeves is a multi-disciplined user experience designer with a wide range of design skills, from Design Research, to Interaction Design, to Front-end Development.

With nearly a decade of experience in the design industry, Josh loves turning complex problems into elegant solutions that improve the overall experience for the user.

Throughout his career, Josh has worked on an array of products across many industries from commercial real-estate, to automotive, to interfaces for consumer electronics.

Our regular listeners will remember James Utley from previous episodes of Custom Made where we have covered topics such as lean design research, the politics of user research and how effective storytelling can lead to product alignment.

James is an experienced designer skilled in Information Design, Logo Design, User Experience, Branding & Identity, and Typography with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

On this weeks episode we are discussing the importance of building a Design System for your organization.

A Design System is more than a style guide or ui pattern library. It’s a product that consists of various components for your designers and developers that enables them to design and build better experiences at scale.

During our discussion, Josh and James cover what a design system is, the common and custom components of a design system, when not to include a component in your design system, the advantages of having a design system, and what challenges to expect when building a design system.

Earlier this year during one of our events we discussed how to take the guesswork out of successful products - using design thinking methodologies and design systems. Check this out once you have finished listening to this episode of Custom Made.

One final thought before we get to this episode - a successfully deployed Design System can save your design team approximately $130,000 in time, and almost $500,000 in time of your development team, by saving them both time and headspace on the core common elements of each product (as they don’t need to keep re-designing and re-engineering these common elements), and allow them to focus on what makes that particular product unique.

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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