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This is episode #23 and this week I’m talking with Ted Howard, a Principal and seasoned software architect here at Dialexa in our software engineering team.

Ted brings almost 20 years of experience in IT systems, web and native mobile application development. He has the unique ability to connect people with ideas to the right technology to help them realize their goals.

Ted’s career to date spans the entrepreneurship space where he was the co-founder of a funded technology-focused startup and actively involved with the initial planning, bootstrapping, and running.

Ted also has almost a decade of consulting experience successfully delivering strategy and technology solutions to Fortune 1000 companies where he has been designing and building complex systems for a wide range of clients and industries. 

On this weeks episode Ted and I are discussing agile product development within the software engineering space.

One quick side note - during episode #15 of Custom Made, Dialexa’s Head of Engineering Samer Fallouh discussed some of the challenges involved in bringing modern product development methods to legacy IT operations - of which agile software development was one of them - when you have finished with this episode be sure to check out episode #15 for a broader view on the range of approaches and methods that legacy IT teams need to adopt in order to create successful technology products.

In this episode Ted shares how taking an “agile” approach is one of the hottest trends in software development. But, in many cases, people are not really taking an agile approach and as such not changing enough of their approach to successfully build new software products.

Ted lays out what agile really is, why there may be trust issues in some organizations that restrict teams on becoming truly agile, and gives advice on how to adopt an agile approach within your IT and product development teams.

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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