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We are on episode #24 and this week I have an amazing guest with me - Alex Cherones, Director of Threat and Virtual Security Services & Platform Development at AT&T.

In his role as Director of Cybersecurity Threat Services, Virtual Security Functions, and Security Platform development, Alex helps create next-generation, Big Data-based cybersecurity platforms and managing the portfolio for threat services. Alex and his team lead innovation for products and services, along with elevating the customer experiences and user interfaces for AT&T Cybersecurity.

Alex has more than ten years of experience with product development and product management, amounting to more than $6 billion in development responsibility and accountability. His experience combines technology, product, and finance across a variety of industries and overseeing cross-functional teams; including private equity fund management, fund creation, commercial real estate, corresponding disposition and turnaround restructuring.

On this weeks episode Alex and I are discussing the cybersecurity risks, responses, and responsibilities that every individual and every organization now needs to deal with on a daily basis.

During our conversation we explore the current state of cybersecurity, what are some of the cybersecurity challenges businesses are struggling with today, and how are businesses addressing these challenges?

We also dig into what is the future of cybersecurity defense? How will it get better? And what are companies like AT&T doing to help combat the problem?

AT&T Business has become one of the fastest growing managed security services providers in the industry, because AT&T has made cybersecurity a top focus. Investments related to advanced threat detection and analysis, threat intelligence and virtualized security functions give customers more flexibility in how they deploy security solutions. AT&T’s cybersecurity solutions help secure the assets of businesses ranging from small to large, global enterprises.

According to IDC’s Marketscape Managed Security Services 2017 Vendor Assessment, AT&T has advanced to the Leader category. Armed with threat intelligence from their network security analysts and other market sources, AT&T’s cybersecurity consultants assess cybersecurity risks to a business, based on its business model, market sector, technical infrastructure, cloud strategy, vendor relationships and operational dynamics. They then recommend targeted risk management strategies, products and services.

Several hundred cybersecurity professionals work across both the AT&T Business ecosystem and its Chief Security Organization to protect customers from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. AT&T secures more connections than any other communications company in North America. They provide highly-secure connections to more than 143.8 million mobility customers in the U.S. and nearly 3 million businesses worldwide, with more than 41 million connected devices on their network as of Q1 2018.

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