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We are on episode #26 and this week I am joined by Custom Made regular Dialexa’s Design Architect, James Utley, and we are excited to have the opportunity to talk with Bianka McGovern, Vice President, User Experience at Goldman Sachs.

In her role at Goldman Sachs, Bianka is a UX design lead and program manager for various Fintech projects.

Before joining Goldman Sachs, Bianka was the Head of UX in the Tax & Accounting division of Thomson Reuters. During her time there, Bianka successfully built up its UX capability and the Central User Experience team. She and her team defined the strategic direction of User Experience, implemented a Design Thinking and UX process framework for the company, and developed a design system for a portfolio of 200 products.

For most of her career, Bianka has been designing in the Enterprise space, typically working on multi-layered platforms and (re-)defining the experience of business workflows. She also has agency experience from early in her career, where she focused on marketing campaigns in the consumer space (fashion and retail). She is a graduate of the University of Applied Sciences in Wuerzburg, Germany with a major in Communication Design.

On this weeks episode Bianka, James and I are discussing how the design of successful products goes beyond visual design, beyond user experience design, all the way to service design.

Service design is a process in which the designer focuses on creating optimal service experiences. This requires taking a holistic view of all the related actors, their interactions, the applications and products they use, and supporting materials and infrastructures. Service design often involves the use of customer journey maps, which tell the story of different customers’ interactions with a brand, thus offering deep insights.

The purpose of service design methodologies is to establish best practices for designing services according to both the needs of customers and the competencies and capabilities of service providers.

If a successful method of service design is employed, the service will be user-friendly and relevant to the customers, while being sustainable and competitive for the service provider.

During our conversation Bianka shares the macro trends that are shaping how products and services are designed, what are some of the barriers to designing successful products, and what are some of the tools designers need to be leveraging when undertaking service design.

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