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We are on episode #28 and this week I am talking with Sarah Reid, Principal within Dialexa’s Research and Design practice.

Sarah has previously been on Custom Made discussing how to take a pragmatic approach to user research, using effective storytelling in product development, and using lean design research to get to the why of your product.

At Dialexa, Sarah is responsible for working with our clients to get to the why of a product, creating a user experience that drives both adoption and engagement of the products we design and build, and she is a fan of pragmatic research work to enable her to provide insights in a fast and smart manner.

Prior to joining Dialexa, Sarah has held UX architect and design roles at AT&T, Gamestop, and NBC Universal.

On this weeks episode of Custom Made, Sarah shares how the Dialexa design process not only helps product teams create amazing experiences that delight our client’s users, but also how we have found that several of our techniques help create the transformation desired in organizations/company.

During our conversation, Sarah shows how throughout our research phase we have a standard set of key objectives that can be applied to the company as well as the specific product we are building. These key objectives are:

  • alignment from the team to create a shared understanding,
  • creative thinking to really innovate on the problem we are trying to solve,
  • and validation from users about the desirability/usability of the solution.

And finally, we discuss how rather than focusing just on developing your Product/Market Fit for successful products, you should expand your perspective to look at how you develop your Product/Market/Organization Fit to be a successful company.

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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