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This episode #30 of Custom Made and this week I am talking with Anne-Marie Levinson, Senior Product Designer here at Dialexa.

Anne-Marie brings over 6 years of experience in graphic design, advertising, design research and UX design. At Dialexa she specializes in both user experience (UX) and visual design, helping clients solve complex problems through rich user experiences and efficient design solutions.

And it’s Anne-Marie’s journey from graphic designer to user-experience designer that we are going to discuss on today’s episode.

We have talked a lot on this show about design thinking, user-experience design and service design. This changing approach to designing successful products requires designers to constantly refresh their skills and capabilities, and so I wanted to sit down with Anne-Marie and have her share her journey from graphic designer to user-experience designer.

A couple of weeks ago I had SMU Professor, Mark Fontenot, on Custom Made discussing how he is transforming the education of the next generation of technologists - and so now it is time to talk about how the role of a designer is evolving.

During my conversation with Anne-Marie she shares what the differences are when shifting to a design thinking approach to product design, what are the steps she and you can take to transition from a graphic designer to a user experience designer, and how she continues to expand her skill sets to understand users better, ideate, prototype and test products, and she moved away from making decisions based solely on aesthetics.

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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