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This is episode #32 of Custom Made and this week I’m joined again by Dialexa co-founder and CEO, Scott Harper.

As Dialexa’s CEO, Scott’s role here as evolved as the company has grown. From working in the business to working on the business.

Scott is a serial entrepreneur who has launched multiple technology product companies over the past decade, is the winner of the Ernst & Young Emerging Technology Entrepreneurs Of The Year and the Dallas Business Journal 40 Under 40, and has steered Dialexa through the ups and downs of moving from a startup to a growing brand whilst achieving year-on-year growth and with the team being recognized two years in a row by as one of the top entrepreneurial companies in America.

This week I’ve got a great discussion with Scott breaking down how the current consulting firm model is dead and how the relationship these firms have with clients needs to change.

During our conversation we discuss what is wrong with the current consulting firm model and how the consulting firm selection game, and the rules that have been defined, are set up in a way that has stopped bringing value to the relationship.

And yes, it is necessary to have criteria (or rules) to help with the consulting firm selection game, but what happens when you create a game with rules? People play the game.

Because these criteria or rules are in place, companies tend to focus on the wrong metrics. For example hourly rate rather than say speed to market or product quality. Yes these are harder to measure and manage during vendor selection but they are essential for project success.

Companies need to accept that all types of consulting firms have a place in their organization and take the time to find the right consulting firm that meets their needs, rather than stay with firms that are “jack of all trades, masters of none”.

And to help with this, consulting firms need to understand where their strengths are and play in those spaces, rather than over-reach themselves and put the quality of their work at risk.

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