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Each week I talk with digital transformation leaders within enterprise organizations, and thought-leaders within the custom technology space. My goal is to shine a spotlight on the work that is happening in enterprise organizations who are changing, and the leaders who are driving that change.

This is episode #33 of Custom Made and I’ve got a great guest for you. This week I’m joined by Justin Arbuckle, SVP of The Platform Organization at Scotiabank, Justin is on a mission to make Canada's most international bank the world's most digital bank.

His organization designs, builds and runs the platform for digital and core banking transformation which includes cloud, data, architecture, API's, and agile.

Previously he was VP of Transformation and Chief Enterprise Architect at CHEF Software where he built and led a team helping large enterprises become high velocity software businesses.

Before his startup adventure, Justin was at GE Capital. As CTO of EMEA he led the Europe-wide functional restructuring of the IT organization and as Global Chief Architect he introduced and sponsored an integrated approach to agile, Lean and DevOps.

An executive on four continents and having worked in Financial Services for the last 20 years, Justin is as passionate today as he has ever been about diverse areas such as innovation, venture capital and consulting.

This week I’m talking with Justin about The Platform Organization (also referred to as “PLATO”), essentially a software company Justin leads within Scotiabank, Canada’s international bank.

The Platform Organization allows Scotiabank to have the ability to deliver a custom approach to technology that drives improved experiences for their customers, allows for continuous innovation, delivers a safe and reliable platform for global business needs, and allows them to focus a getting the basics right.

Also during our discussion Justin breaks down the five perspective transformations of the digital enterprise:

  1. Platforms versus tools
  2. Products versus projects
  3. Depth versus breadth
  4. Value versus cost
  5. Experience versus use

And one last thing, after you have finished listening to this week’s episode, be sure to check out Justin’s open letter to his Scotiabank team that he wrote when he started in this role - a public commitment from the very beginning of his time at Scotiabank to hold him accountable for success.

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