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This is episode #40 of Custom Made and this week I’m joined by Chris Curran, Chief Technologist and CTO New Ventures, PwC.

At PwC Chris is responsible for technology strategy and innovation. In his role at PwC Chris works closely with senior client management on their most complex and strategic technology issues, helping to evaluate emerging technologies, define the business and technology transformation agenda, and organize the work to get it done.

Chris also serves as the CTO for the firm's New Ventures group focused on identifying and growing new digital products.

Chris has global experience in designing and leading the implementation of high-value technology organizations and initiatives that create tangible value for his clients, most recently in the consumer products, internet banking, property and casualty insurance and health insurance industries.

This week I am talking with Chris Curran on why PwC saw the business opportunity for creating the New Ventures group, and how they are taking an enterprise view on productizing ideas.

During our conversation, we discuss how as an organization moves from being a service driven business to a product company there is a need to taking a longer view to potential products. Just because an idea or application worked for a particular project or client need, that does not mean it will be a successful product when scaled to a larger audience. It is a data point, but the idea should be validated further by gaining the potential customer’s perspective rather than solely relying on internal opinions.

Also, during this episode we discuss how an organization talks about digital is important to how it transforms, is it top-down or bottom-up, is it the whole organization or a small "Special Forces" team that is driving the technology change.

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