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This is episode #42 of Custom Made and this week is the second part of my conversation with Jordan Bergtraum, a Product Management Executive and Enterprise SaaS Expert.

Jordan joined me last week where we discussed the role of Product Manager.

For many organizations, the Product Manager role is being defined and redefined as companies and their products mature.

With that in mind, Jordan and I wanted to bring clarity to this role, and have a very honest discussion about what parts of Product Management should get more attention. And just as important, what functions require less attention. The end game is to help PMs deliver better products.

For part one of our conversation we broke down the current state of product management, and detailed five things to spend less time on (or completely stop), to make room for higher value activities.

During the rest of our conversation, Jordan is detailing the five things product managers should start doing (or do more of) to continue their evolution toward product hero.

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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