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This is episode #44 of Custom Made and this week I’m sitting down with Adam Paulisick, Chief Product Officer at MAYA - A Boston Consulting Group company.

Adam brings more than a decade of digital transformation, product design, and data-driven marketing and sales experience. His experience includes senior leadership positions at Nielsen Catalina Solutions, U.S. and European based roles at The Nielsen Company, and Commerce Signals where he worked with hundreds of global manufacturers, financial institutions, leading media agencies and publishers, in addition to data-enabling technology platforms.

In his role as Chief Product Officer at MAYA, Adam helps to create the Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable (which is what the name MAYA stands for) products and services in a user-centered world. Adam’s focus is on helping companies assess what platforms, people, and products they already have and using those building blocks with today's best technology and techniques to design and build working prototypes that more often than not integrate back into legacy systems.

Working in an agile manner, the design-build-test approach continues to prove that human-centered organizations return better for shareholders and create cultures that deliver value instead of simply managing it.

During this week’s episode of Custom Made, Adam is discussing these aspects of building successful products, what makes a great product and why delightful products don’t always make successful products, and how to manage existing infrastructure and systems when building new products and capabilities. 

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