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This is episode #45 of Custom Made and this week I’m sitting down with Justin Marshall, Sr. Product Designer at Pandora.

Throughout his career Justin has driven effective product design at various tech companies; including Shutterstock, Thomson Reuters, and most recently Pandora.

At Pandora Justin has helped to create high performing, cross-functional product teams that are highly collaborative, empathetic, and agile. Justin is a pragmatic designer, employing various user-centric and data-driven methodologies to help his teams solve tough problems and deliver value to users.

During our conversation Justin is sharing how as a Sr Product Designer at Pandora, he is constantly designing with data in mind. The most important thing in designing with data is both understanding your user/customer needs and the problems they need you to solve, and understanding the data that you have available in order to design the right display of that data for your users.

This requires both designers and data engineers developing capabilities in each others field to be able to better understand the opportunities and limitations each team has within your organization.

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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