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This is episode #47 of Custom Made, and this week I’m sitting down with Charlene Schwindt, Global Product Owner Manager at Hilti.

Charlene is a product management professional with strong marketing emphasis. Her career has allowed her to have direct experience across industries such as healthcare, financial services, higher education, and technology.

And Hilti is a global leader in providing technology-leading products, systems and services to the worldwide construction industry.

In her role at Hilti, Charlene has built up a team of software product owners to manage global digital, SaaS, desktop, and mobile applications - twenty-three at last count. Charlene has worked across these teams to implement product owner best practices and scrum team reporting standards. This also includes leading agile transformation, coaching global product managers on software product management best practices, and getting scrum teams to predictable velocity.

During this weeks episode, Charlene is discussing the challenges that come with building successful product teams within enterprise organizations, and bringing in new methods such Agile and Design Thinking to an IT organization and product business.

To achieve this, Charlene breaks down the Product Management and Product Ownership roles, and how these roles and responsibilities are typically handled in both smaller and larger organizations.

We also discuss the different types of tasks that are handled by Product Manager vs. Product Owner, the advantages and disadvantages of splitting these roles, and the challenges in hiring the right candidates for these different roles.

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