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This is episode #48 of Custom Made, and this week I’m sitting down with Dr Lyndsey Harper, Founder and CEO of Rosy, the latest company to come out of Dialexa Labs.

Dialexa Labs is the internal innovation and development engine here at Dialexa. Whilst the vast majority of our day-to-day work is focused on providing technology and product development services for our clients, Dialexa Labs provides a channel for creativity and ideas from within our organization.

For those ideas that we see have high potential, we use our own resources, team, and The Dialexa Method we apply to our clients' business challenges, to create unique product offerings and spin out new companies. Other the past few years Dialexa Labs has produced a number of successful companies.

This includes connected car platform and the first Dialexa Labs company - Vinli - who just recently closed a $13.5 million Series B round of funding. You can hear all about Vinli and their amazing journey to date in one of my earlier episodes of Custom Made with founder and CEO Mark Haidar.

Also, for those that are interested in another of our Dialexa Labs company, Robin Autopilot, you can listen to founder and CEO Justin Crandall discuss the opportunities robots bring to disrupting the lawn care industry. 

And now to our latest company - Rosy.


Rosy is empowering women across the US with resources for their sexual wellness. Currently 38% of women in the US are suffering from low sexual desire. Today Rosy provides these 31 million women with hope, community, and real solutions.

Rosy has created the first of its kind mobile application with physicians and psychologists that connects women who have low sexual desire with evidence-based resources for improvement.

You can find more information about Rosy at

During this weeks episode, Rosy founder and CEO, Dr Lyndsey Harper, shares her journey to becoming the founder of a technology company and launching a new product that addresses the massive deficit of resources and solutions for woman who were suffering with low libido and sexual dysfunction.

Dr Harper talks about how she continues to dedicated her career to bringing awareness, education, and resources to both physicians and patients about these very common but rarely discussed issues that can often leave women feeling isolated and ashamed. 

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