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This is episode #49 of Custom Made, and this week I’m sitting down with Rachit Gupta, vice president at integrated power company Vistra Energy.

Based in Irving, Texas, Vistra Energy combines an innovative, customer-centric approach to retail with a focus on safe, reliable, and efficient power generation.

Through its retail and generation businesses which include TXU Energy, Homefield Energy, Dynegy, and Luminant, Vistra operates in 12 states and six of the seven competitive markets in the U.S. Vistra’s retail brands serve approximately 2.9 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers across five top retail states, and its generation fleet totals approximately 41,000 megawatts of highly efficient generation capacity, with a diverse portfolio of natural gas, nuclear, coal, and solar facilities.

At Vistra Energy, Rachit Gupta is a transformative people leader building high performance teams that leverage technology to increase employee productivity, and enterprise revenue and profitability with a focus on cost optimization. I

In prior roles, Rachit was a Senior Director of corporate & enterprise applications at Energy Future Holdings Corporation and before that he served as a Director of architecture strategy & transformation at EFH.

During this weeks episode, Rachit is digging deep into the trends that are affecting the energy and utility space including the changing US power generation mix across fossil fuels, nuclear, and renewables such as solar and wind. As well as storage technology, microgrids and the prosumer energy market.

In addition to the changes to the energy industry we also discuss the technology trends (such as IoT, ML/AI, 5G and Blockchain technology) that are transforming and disrupting this space, and how this technology integration is creating the “Utility of the Future”

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