Digital transformation is a necessary but daunting task. Especially when it concerns the complex subject of your platform strategy. Don’t go at it alone. Our engineers and technology specialists use "Platform Thinking" to scale up with industry standards.

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Having a strong technology strategy is pivotal for taking your company to the next stage of innovation. When finding a middle ground between technology strategists and engineers, one common theme is agreed upon – that the designing of microservices and platforms is much more complicated than many organizations realize.

However, with a small, dedicated cross-functional team, building a software platform is a more than possible task. When defining your platform strategy there are so many strong opinions on whether to take interest in platforms, microservices, monoliths, or even certain cloud providers - where do you start?

We have just launched our latest guide on creating a scalable platform strategy, in which you’ll hear my insights and others on the Dialexa team to show that there is a middle ground between engineers and technology strategists to drive innovation more effectively. 

We call this "Platform Thinking"

Learn why you, as the business leader, should keep Platform Thinking top-of-mind in order to push your enterprise into the future.

Within the Platform Thinking: Creating Real-World, Scalable Platforms guide, you’ll learn about:

  • Positioning Your Software Platform Strategy For Success
  • Platforms and Microservices - Finding the Middle Ground for Engineers and Tech Strategists
  • Domain Driven Design (DDD)
  • How Microservices and Platforms Impact Data Models
  • Cloud Infrastructure - Comparing Your Options

Download the guide today, and get a head start on your competition by differentiating your business through custom platform engineering.

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