Russell will build on Dialexa's heritage of product innovation by leading, and executing, complex business-driven technology strategy engagements. 

Russell_Villemez-Dialexa.jpgTechnology research, design and creation firm Dialexa today announced Russell Villemez as its Head of Technology Strategy. This key hire will allow Dialexa to partner with companies in new ways by providing a strategic evaluation of their current state of technology, plan where they need to be in the future to meet their business objectives, and craft a roadmap for how to get there. 

Adding Russell and his experience to Dialexa combines the ability to bring together a comprehensive technology strategy paired with Dialexa’s ability to execute on those roadmap initiatives - giving companies a turnkey partner for implementing meaningful technological change in their business.

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Russell has worked in a variety of industries in both executive leadership positions and as a subject matter expert. Russell’s experience spans 17 years in operational roles which includes serving as Enterprise Services Chief Technology Officer for the Americas at Hewlett-Packard and Chief Technologist, Americas at EDS, 15 years in consulting roles and as an affiliate with the Feld Group Institute providing technology leadership to companies experiencing periods of major change.

A common thread across his clients is the need for strong leadership during a period of change - motivated by acquisitions, spin-offs, competitive pressures, or other factors. Clients also benefit from Russell’s expertise in enterprise architecture, agile development, application portfolio rationalization, technology and architecture strategy, as well as business strategy and commercial software product development.

“This establishes a new opportunity for Dialexa to implement incredible technological transformations for our clients” said Scott Harper, Dialexa’s Co-Founder and CEO, “I am excited for Russell to join for several reasons. He has an absolutely incredible background and pedigree. He’s seen a vast amount of transformations, and thus he gives our team the required experience of having seen many companies undertake positive technological change. To top it all off he has a stellar track record of success.”

“No company is immune from the increasing role of digitization. Many face significant challenges with large systems that were built over a long period of time or were inherited through mergers and acquisitions. The result is a complicated system or collection of systems that is likely not suitable to achieve the company's desired future objectives.” Russell comments, “With this new offering Dialexa can add a tremendous amount of value to CIOs and CTOs by helping them build a winning technology strategy that integrates innovative technologies into their corporate landscape, and enabling them to accelerate the pace of change that is required to compete in the future. ”

About Dialexa

Dialexa is the Technology Research, Design & Creation Firm that partners with our clients to create change within their organizations and to help them be ready for their business needs of tomorrow.

As a Technology RD&C Firm we help businesses with Operational Transformation, Business Growth and Venture Creation through user and category research, product design, business/technology strategy and hardware/software engineering. Dialexa partners with our clients in the pursuit of big opportunities to create tomorrow’s brilliant ideas and bring products to life. We turn concepts into products and products into companies.

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Download the Pillars of a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy White Paper

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