When Dialexa is not solving our client’s hardest technology problems, we are exploring emerging technology.  

We look into the near future to ask, “What could this technology be used for? What are its current limitations and how can we test those barriers and boundaries?”

On Thursday, July 21st UberEATS and Dialexa hosted an exclusive event at White Rock Lake, Dallas, for 350 special guests to experience the potential applications of drone technology.  Throughout the evening the Dialexa team successfully delivered guests a range of food and snacks by specially modified drones.


The partnership between Dialexa and UberEATS is an example of two companies grounded in technology, with an appetite to disrupt, coming together to deliver an amazing customer experience.

The Dialexa hardware team outfitted two specially modified drones with a custom 3D printed winch and release system that could carry a payload of upto 10lbs. Our Software team programmed a custom-tailored adaptive control system designed to handle a variety of flight scenarios and missions.

“Right now with drones, the limitations are not technological but regulatory. Aspects such as safety are key concerns for the FAA. It is so new, no one really knows what to do with it yet - like self driving cars and autonomous vehicles.” said Scott Harper, co-founder and CEO of Dialexa, “I belive brands should really be thinking about what are potential applications, and start planning for the future. So when the regulatory environment does become more friendly for commercial viability, they are ready to take advantage of it.”


Due to current FAA regulations the Dialexa Hardware team were restricted on the range of their delivery flights. Current regulations state that commercially used drones must have a pilot in the loop at all times, be within a visual sight of the pilot, and remain under 400 feet - all of which is why we are not yet seeing Amazon drones fill the skies.

The opportunities to continue to leverage drone technology in the future will get easier as the FAA are due to change their drone regulations. These changes will mainly relax these regulations for the use of drones by small and medium businesses. This will see the drone industry balloon to a $127 billion industry by 2020.

Looking into the near future with the FAA regulations adapting to allow for more commercial uses we see the potential for drone technology applications to evolve quickly. This growth will occur across a broad range of sectors including agriculture, imaging/photography, search and rescue, insurance and construction.

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