For four years, Dialexa grew mostly by word-of-mouth. Sure we did the occasional blog post and social media run but, all-in-all, the team was busy heads down working. Time was our most valuable resource.

We knew we had to do something if we wanted to continue to grow so we struck a partnership with MindTap Marketing to move us into the world of digital and inbound marketing, as well as create our first content strategy and campaign.

Together with Dialexa’s design team, we reimagined and came up with an innovative blog design. Subsequently, we “broke” Hubspot. By “broke” I mean that the framework provided by Hubspot would not allow us to achieve what we were looking to do so we went to the Hubspot team and asked them for help. Thankfully, they were so excited with our design approach that Hubspot leadership took notice and worked in tandem with Dialexa to make our design a reality within the HubSpot platform. This was not the norm of how Hubspot typically works, but given their commitment to innovation and testing the boundaries of marketing, Dialexa’s design was the perfect challenge. If we could pull this off, it’d be a win-win. And with a lot of hard work, we did.

Out of hundreds of submissions, the blog has been named one of three finalists in the blog design category for the 2015 HubSpot Impact Awards (check out our submission here).

The HubSpot Impact Awards give agencies and companies the opportunity to showcase quality work that has produced impressive results or pushed the boundaries of digital marketing “status quo” while using HubSpot’s platform. Winners will be awarded and announced at INBOUND, HubSpot’s annual conference in Boston on September 8-11, and the Dialexa team will be present. You can check out the other finalists in over 20 categories and subcategories for this year’s Impact Awards. We’re in really good company.

I’m really proud of how Dialexa’s collaborative approach to innovation, Hubspot’s willingness to allow us to innovate within their platform and MindTap Marketing's help in navigating the process and implementing our blog has led to this achievement. At Dialexa, we like to push the boundaries and we enjoy working with companies, like HubSpot and MindTap, that like to push their own boundaries as well.

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