DALLAS, TX – As part of ongoing efforts to continue designing and building innovative technology products in the Middle East and North Africa, Dialexa is expanding its operations to Doha, Qatar. Upon entering this new market, Dialexa immediately formed a strategic partnership with Informatica Qatar “iQ”, a best-of-breed Technology Solutions and Consulting firm based in Qatar, to jumpstart the initiative. In 2012, Dialexa announced a similar partnership with IST in Oman.

  The Middle East is among one of the fastest-growing technology markets in the world, with IT spending in 2014 expected to be more than $32 billion. Transforming the region into an innovation technology hub is very much top of mind for the petroleum rich region.

  Qatar’s government has many initiatives in place as it balances its fast growing population, booming economy, and increasing income per capita.. In 2008, His Highness The Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani approved the Qatar National Vision 2030 which is a roadmap of Qatar’s long-term strategic goals to balance its unique traditions and rich culture with the modernization and economic growth within the State of Qatar.

  “We formed a partnership with iQ because we share similar values when it comes to building innovative technology products that solve real world problems,” said Scott Harper, Co-CEO of Dialexa. The two companies are already collaborating on several initiatives including building the world’s first real-time airport management and monitoring system.

  The problem with airport monitoring systems is that most rely on legacy systems.  Dialexa and iQ teamed up to build a new system that integrates with the current antiquated systems to provide airport managers a centralized dashboard of the entire airport’s operations on a real-time basis, which can be viewed on the web or an iPad.  The system is interactive so if an airport manager wants more details on a specific event or alarm, they can retrieve all the data with just one click or tap without having to go look for it in multiple systems.

  The first airport to gain access to this transformative product is Hamad International Airport in Doha. Upon completion of the airport’s construction initiatives, HIA will become the 2nd largest airport in the region after Dubai.

   “This airport management and monitoring system is a solution that can be implemented into any airport in the world, no matter what systems they currently have in place. We think that a solution like this will not only make airport operations more efficient but also flight travel more secure,” said Harper.

  The airport management and monitoring system is scheduled to go live at Hamad International Airport during the first quarter of 2015. You can view more information this project here.

  About Informatica Qatar

  Informatica Qatar (iQ™) is a Technology Solutions and Distribution firm offering innovative and high quality systems integration solutions. With extensive experience in Big 4 consulting firms as well as start-ups, we bring a wealth of knowledge from Silicon Valley and insight into the latest technologies and business processes.

  For more information, please visit http://i-qatar.com/


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