Dialexa, the product innovation firm, announced the launch of Dialexa Design School today, an initiative devised to explore our battle-tested design process.

Design Research Lead, Sarah Reid, kicks off the first course of this series with the Discovery & Research phase.

The Dialexa Design School will focus on the specifics of how we design award-winning technology products. We will show you how we get answers to the right questions, while we pursue the perfect experience for our client's customers. These best practices and insights can be applied to anything from writing to public speaking.

In this first course, Sarah Reid and the Dialexa design team will go through several client exercises, including “How Might We” where we ask questions such as:

  •      How might we increase click-through rates on sign-up forms?
  •      How might we reduce customer support tickets?
  •      How might we increase user efficiency through the search process? 


Over the coming months Dialexa Design School students will also get to dig into the theory and real-world applications of Interaction Design, Conceptual Design, Applied Design, and Design Support.

Contributors to the Dialexa Design School will include our in-house design talent, giving their unique perspective on the different steps of our process. The exclusive series will be hosted by Dialexa’s Steven Ray (Chief Creative Officer) and Ben Hernández (Design Director).

Your Dialexa Design School Teachers

Steven Ray

Steven is an award-winning designer and Chief Creative Officer at Dialexa. He has over a decade of experience of designing products. He’s worked on an array of products for a diverse range of clients and industries including Amazon, Evernote, Shopsavvy, and FOX.

Ben Hernández

Ben is Design Director at Dialexa. He has a multi-disciplinary background which includes, design, fine art, music, and filmmaking. During his career, he's had the privilege to work with a number of great companies, including: National Geographic, GameStop, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Microsoft. Ben's work has been featured in TechCrunch, Fortune, BBC, Forbes, and CNET.

Sarah Reid

Sarah is a Design Research Lead at Dialexa whose fascination with the psychological impact that design has on a person has led her on a relentless pursuit to shape user experiences that enable elegant solutions to complex problems. Her specialties in web and UX design include layout, interaction and aesthetic design for websites and software products.

About Dialexa

From strategic consulting to visual and interactive design, to software and hardware development, to product and service launch planning, Dialexa loves to solve the hardest technology challenges. Dialexa develops for all technology platforms and frameworks including mobile, web, Internet of Things (IoT), and embedded devices. Dialexa believes that digital transformation is changing all industries – our projects have spanned automotive, healthcare, consumer goods, enterprise software, financial services, aerospace, defense, transportation, retail, technology, media and telecommunications. Dialexa, the product innovation firm. Learn more about Dialexa at www.dialexa.com.

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