We recently took the time to discuss why product design is so important to your business and how design thinking can give you real competitive advantages. However, you might be wondering how you can actually go about making design a more integral part of your business—Dialexa Design School is here to help.




Learn How to Become a Design Process Geek

It’s easy to talk about making design a core piece of your organization, but actually perfecting the design process and executing it is another story. Throughout Design School, we’ll walk you through the specific steps of our design process and show you how we came to be the process geeks that we are today.

While the various steps—Discover & Research, Interaction Design, Conceptual Design, Applied Design, and Design Support—are specific to how we design award-winning software and electronics products, you can apply the concepts to anything from writing to public speaking.

If you want to kick-start your team’s design process by learning from those who have failed and iterated the process to perfection, you’ll want to subscribe to Dialexa Design School.

Sign Up Today for Lesson 1—Discovery & Research

The first lesson in our Dialexa Design School will cover Step 1 of our battle-tested design process—Discovery & Research. We go through several exercises with clients in this stage of the process, including the “How Might We” exercise where we ask questions such as:

  •      How might we increase click-through rates on sign-up forms?
  •      How might we reduce customer support tickets?
  •      How might we increase user efficiency through the search process?
  •      And more

Sign up for the first Dialexa Design School lesson today and discover the intricacies of a research process built with design in mind.

If you’re interested in the Design School concept, we’d love to hear from you. We want to know what you’re interested in learning about from our world-class design team, and we’ll follow-up soon with a survey for you to share your thoughts.

Your Dialexa Design School Teachers

Throughout your Dialexa Design School lessons, you’ll hear from multiple Dialexa designers about the different steps of our process. The entire series, though, will be hosted by Steven Ray (Chief Creative Officer) and Ben Hernández (Design Director).

About Steven Ray

Steven is an award-winning designer and Chief Creative officer at Dialexa. He has over a decade of experience of designing products. He’s worked on an array of products for a diverse range of clients and industries including Amazon, Evernote, Shopsavvy, and FOX.

Prior to Dialexa, Steven co-founded and ran 39Argyle, one of the first mobile focused user experience design firms which was acquired by Dialexa. Steven established and leads the research and design practice, partnering closely with stakeholders to create products that users love. He’s a strong proponent of aligning user experience with business value.

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About Ben Hernández

Ben is Design Director at Dialexa. He has a multi-disciplinary background which includes, design, fine art, music, and filmmaking. During his career, he's had the privilege to work with a number of great companies, including: National Geographic, GameStop, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Microsoft. Ben's work has been featured in TechCrunch, Fortune, BBC, Forbes, and CNET.

Before joining Dialexa, Ben worked as a UX consultant with Credera where helped found its UX and design practice as well as ShopSavvy, GameStop, and NBC-Universal. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded and ran Abidesco, a boutique design agency, as well as A Silence Production, an independent record label.

Ben holds a BFA in Art from Abilene Christian University and has received numerous awards for his work including a Gold Addy, HubSpot Impact Award, and a Webby. He is also an Eagle Scout. When not working he enjoys quiet, candle-lit dinner with his wife, single-origin coffee, and seemly-aimless esoteric conversation.

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