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Marvel caught up with Joel Califa, Senior Product Designer at GitHub, and discussed how his career took shape, got some advice on how to lead design teams and picked his brain on where he thinks the future of design is going in Joel Califa On What Makes Design Leadership Work.

Special guest Andrew Betts of the W3C Technical Advisory Groupjoins Presentable for episode #43 to discuss Google AMP: how it works, whether we should use it, and if it's a threat to the open web and to society overall?

How Suman Deb Roy built reinforcement learning datasets with Human-AI Interaction at Digg in Bootstrapping Reinforcement Learning.

Certainly, every IT manager grumbles when trouble plagues their operations. But streaming service Netflix actually courted such havoc, all in order to make their system stronger. Engineers for the streaming service gave a name to this practice, chaos engineering…  Read more in How Chaos Engineering Can Bring Stability to Your Distributed Systems by Jennifer Riggins.

You are not hiring programmers. Stop focusing on degrees and credentials, but on proven real world experience. It does not even necessarily have to be as a formal Data Scientist. Read Jesse Moore’s main goal when looking to bring on a new member to the ML team in Hiring Data Scientists Step 1: Stop Looking for Data Scientists.


Keeping innovation alive in an enterprise organization [Podcast]


Successful innovation is typically associated with the start-up community, whereas an enterprise organization can be known as the place where innovation dies or not utilized to drive business impact, but instead becomes an outlier or science fair project within the organization.


The Five Phases To Transform IT In The Digital Age


This type of fusion is achieved with understanding the human experience of people, places and objects over time; letting customers move across channels; and offering better interfaces for interactions.


Choosing the Right Digital Transformation Approach


With the pressures of digital transformation weighing heavy for every enterprise leader, time is of the essence. And as you watch competitors adapt to industry changes, it’s easy to start rushing your digital transformation efforts.

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