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Weekly Top Reads:

Kontena Blog dove into Zero Downtime Deployments with Containers stating now when you deploy your services many times a day, one thing becomes a necessity in most of the cases: zero downtime deployments.

Learn how Newton Designer, Umesh Gopinath, built a smaller solution for a seemingly big problem in Throwing Less at the Problem.

The primary goal of any DevOps setup within an organization is to improve the delivery of value for customers and the business, not in itself to reduce costs, increase automation, or drive everything from configuration management; this means that different organizations might need different team structures in order for effective Dev and Ops collaboration to take place. Read more on DevOps Topologies site, What Team Structure is right for Devops to Flourish?

Forrester notes that in 2018, we’ll cross the significant 50 percent adoption milestone, and cloud applications, platforms and services will continue to radically change the way enterprises compete for customers. Stephan Fabel covers everything you need to know in Cloud dominated the Decade–Where will be in 2020?

Erika Hall, a highly recommended writer and resource in our latest Custom Made podcast episode with John Hicks, states research is simply asking questions about how the world works. And asking questions about how the world works threatens established authority. Read why in her article, The Secret Cost of Research.


Navigating the politics of user research [Podcast]


User research is still the area of product development that gets squeezed, or in some cases ignored, and so we wanted to discuss how to navigate this challenge. During our discussion, we break down the barriers we have each experienced with organizations doing user research.


Improve Productivity Using Todoist


I’ve integrated Todoist into my work and personal life, using the tool religiously every single day. And now that Todoist has become so important in my life, I often find myself telling friends and colleagues about all of its advantages. Here are my top 10 tips for improving productivity using Todoist.


Developing User Stories


User stories are the first step in converting the ideas of Discovery into functionality, and doing them well is critical to the success of your product.

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