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Weekly Top Reads:

AltexSoft Inc shows us How to Create Interfaces that Benefit All: Accessibility Testing and Inclusive Design Principles and the difference between accessible, inclusive, and universal design.

While Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) did definitely exist a decade ago, they were mostly inside Google and a handful of other Valley innovators. Today, however, the SRE role exists everywhere, from Uber to Goldman Sachs, everyone is now in the business of keeping their sites online and stable. Alex Handy dives in The Role of Site Reliability Engineering in Microservices.

Today, the only way to really design for the web, on the web, with precise control, is via markup languages and programming code. Thinking like the machine, to get the machine to do what you want. Lead UX Designer at Hitachi ID Systems, A.J. Kandy, explains why web browsers offer vast potential to interactive designers in A DevTools for Designers.

We fell for Recurrent neural networks (RNN), Long-short term memory (LSTM), and all their variants. Now it is time to drop them! Learn why from Eugenio Culurciello, who has almost 20 years of experience in neural networks in both hardware and software in The fall of RNN/LSTM.

Watch Brian Solis, at the Adobe Summit, talk about The Importance Of Experience Design And The Future Of Brand where he covers the role of data in crafting experiences for consumers along with other topics.


Bring Modern Product Development Methods to Legacy IT Operations [Podcast]


Dialexa's Head of Engineering is discussing why it is essential for enterprise organizations to modernize their technology ecosystem and adapt their product development methods or they will face certain disruption.


Bringing Our Office to Life With Matterport Virtual Technology


We got our hands on Matterport technology and figured, why not scan our own office as well. This is a great way to showcase our unique office space to the public in the most advanced way.


Technology Can’t Solve Disruption Challenges Alone - Enterprises Need Better Strategies


Even the companies that recognize a need to change face challenges. Changes in the marketplace, competitors coming into the market from new angles, new product strategies - things are moving too quickly for enterprises to always build new technology internally.

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