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Weekly Top Reads:

Richard Howells, Vice President at SAP, knows you didn’t sign up for it, but your company needs you – desperately. Learn The CIO’s Cheat Sheet for Digital Transformation

How can CIOs combine technology and business acumen to drive strategic corporate growth plans and increase market opportunities? Nick Ismail with Information Age lays it out in Beyond Technology: Why Every CIO Needs to Think Like a Business Leader

A sound IT architecture keeps your company’s technology strategy humming. Bob Lewis, senior management and IT consultant,shares his views in 9 Warning Signs of Bad IT Architecture

Technology is evolving at an incredibly fast pace and continues to evolve exponentially. Strategic CIO, Joe Bruhin, shares his insights on key technology trends CIOs should focus on to provide strategic value for their company in A Strategic CIO Shares Insights on Key Disruptive Technology Trends

Orchestrate the customer journey from the inside-out in tech veteran Chris Stone’s article 3 ways the evolving customer journey will impact CIOs

Incase you missed it - Dialexa has been recognized as one of the most important digital experience service providers, and we released a new guide on "Platform Thinking"


Bringing "Buy Now" to Car Buying

Check out our latest client case study on Fastlane. Fastlane's founder and CEO came to Dialexa with a primal idea for a revolutionary new service that allowed buyers to purchase cars online.


It’s About More than Pixels: Redefining 'Designer'


Today’s designers have to evangelize the human-centered way of thinking and prove to executives that the discipline brings more to the table than pixels. 

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