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In the fast-paced world of technology, complacency can be a career killer. So too can any number of hidden hazards that quietly put your career on shaky ground — from not knowing your true worth to thinking you’ve finally made it. Paul Heltzel gathered a list of the 20 Ways to Kill Your IT Career (Without Knowing it).

Automation in the corporate world isn't on the way, it's here. Now, do it right. Dallas resident Doug Reeder of NTT DATA Services, brings commentary in 2017 Year in Review – Exponential Automation.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already helping enterprises operate more safely and productively while improving efficiency and reducing costs. The Insights Team at Forbes has compiled the 4 Ways To Overcome The Complexity Of IoT Implementation.

Despite cultural barriers and legacy tech, CIO believes AI is poised to take over ERP functions, with ERP vendors adding new machine learning features and enterprises keen to investigate.

Earlier this month we ran a live webinar on the topic of how to successfully jump-start an organization's digital transformation efforts by identifying a beachhead. We have just released the video of our presentation for everyone to watch who wasn't able to join.


Top 10 articles of 2017


It's been a great year for our blog, and as the year draws to a close, here’s a look back at our most popular articles.

Platforms vs. Microservices—Is There a Middle Ground for Engineers and Tech Strategists? Newsletter.jpeg 

Is There a Middle Ground for Engineers and Tech Strategists?


Your technology strategy is the key to executing successful digital transformation. But if you talk to engineers and strategists, there are opposing views on the best way to leverage technology.

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