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Weekly Top Reads:

How Capital One alum and CBRE CIO Chandra Dhandapaniinfused the real estate company with progressive leadership at a time when the industry is turning to cutting-edge technology by fostering a tech-driven culture.

Netflix has evolved a time series data storage architecture through multiple increases in scale and will share in a 2-part blog post series. Learn more from The Netflix Tech Blog in Scaling Time Series Data Storage—Part I

Within three years deep learning will change front-end development. It will increase prototyping speed and lower the barrier for building software. Emi Wallner teaches Turning Design Mockups into Code With Deep Learning

Debbie Millman of Podcast Design Matters talks to TED founder Richard Saul Wurman about learning and education. She states, “It is the most difficult and challenging interview iI’ve ever conducted.”

If your company is exploring the possibility of sharing internal data through public APIs, here are some considerations from Risk Technologist Rich Casselberry that you should address in Public APIs: Advice for a Producer

CEO Satya Nadella showcased how customers are using Microsoft's intelligent cloud to power customer innovation across industries to create digital business solutions


Taking the road less traveled with Vinli


Dialexa Chairman, and Vinli CEO Mark Haidar is sharing the chapters to date of connected car platform, Vinli - from conception, to product launch at TechCrunch Disrupt's Startup Battlefield, and beyond.


2017: A Dialexa Year in Review


It’s always a good sign when business is so busy that you don’t have time to publish this kind of article until the end of January. 


6 Ways to Modernize Product Development Process for B2B Disruption


Here are six ways from our Head of Engineering that we have found to keep agile processes delivering the most business value across all functions.

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