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When it comes to microservices and monoliths it's wise to not pre-optimize anything. Check out this video of the Kafka Summit 2017 Keynote about microservices based on events. Where Randy Shoup,VP Engineering at Stitch Fix, explains the evolution and internals of microservices in Data at Scale: Unreasonable Effectiveness of Events.

Learn why schema flexibility makes MongoDB a perfect choice to iterate ML training experiments in Data Scientist Nicholas Png’s Training Machine Learning Models with MongoDB.

The benefits of working in a design system are clear. However, most design systems still have a fundamental flaw. Designers and developers continue to work in entirely different mediums. As a result, without constant, manual effort to keep them in sync, code and design assets are constantly drifting further and further apart. Luckily, this is all about to change. Read on in Sketching in the Browser by Mark Dalgleish, DesignOps Lead at @seekjobs.

The Enterprise Project knows CIOs and industry analysts don't see the blockchain trend exactly the same way. Consider these statistics on spending and plans in 5 Blockchain Statistics: CIO Reality Check.


The role of technology in the life of the “everyday athlete” [Podcast]


Co-founders of health and wellness company Adaptive Nutrition, Tyler Nicholson and Kia Wright, are on a mission to provide their clients with sustainable nutritional and lifestyle tools.


The Dialexa Internship Program - The Value of 10 Weeks


Every great career started with that first step - what was yours?

At Dialexa we are hiring across all areas of our organization, looking for candidates with 2-3 years experience. If you are interested then check out our careers page, and if you know someone who might want to join our team - please pass on this newsletter. 


How Design Thinking Leads to Real Competitive Advantages


Create real competitive advantages by extending the design mindset throughout your organization and releasing products that are better aligned with your business.

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