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Weekly Top Reads:

Google Design Director Jens Riegelsberger joins the Presentable podcast to discuss how user research can fundamentally help organizations make better decisions — and not just about the design of their products

Building a Foundation for Machine Learning Across Your Organizationby Adam Wenchel, Vice President of AI and Data Innovation, Capital One, outlines some tactical and procedural guidelines for setting the foundation to bring effective machine learning to production across your enterprise through automated model integration/deployment (MI/MD)

Product Designer Vivian Zhang knows your user’s working memory has a storage capacity of ~4. How much is your design taking up? Learn how Designing for Working Memory benefits all parties

Denny Britz argues that training Reinforcement Learning agents to trade in the financial (and cryptocurrency) markets can be an extremely interesting research problem in Introduction to Learning to Trade with Reinforcement Learning

Naseem Hakim & Aaron Keys, at Airbnb, can mitigate the potential for bad actors to carry out different types of attacks in different ways by Architecting a Machine Learning System for Risk


Using Lean Design Research to Get to 'The Why' of Your Product [Podcast]


Successful products and sustainable companies are those that are built on user understanding intertwined with strong design and technical capabilities. This understanding ensures that products that are built are useful, usable and desirable.


Doubling Down on Client Relationships with New Hire Eric Hanes


As a significant proportion of our work comes from partnering with large-scale enterprise clients to create custom products and platforms, continuing to bring in top talent to support our work here is key to success and long-term partnerships. 

The 5 Manager Archetypes You See in the Design Process Pawns-3-660940-edited.jpeg

5 Design Process Manager Archetypes and What to Do About Them


Better streamline the design approval process by presenting our work in a way that resonates with our team and stakeholders.

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