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Weekly Top Reads:

Data science is an exciting, fast-moving field to become involved in. There’s no shortage of demand for talented, analytically-minded individuals as the role provides real value across a wide range of industries and applications. Aspiring data scientist? Master these fundamentals by Peter Gleeson.

Starting this week, Cloud TPUs are available in beta on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help machine learning (ML) experts train and run their ML models more quickly. Read the Google Cloud Platform Blogto learn more about how Cloud TPU machine learning accelerators now available in beta.

Amazon Web Services is making it easier for you to use the Auto Scaling features of multiple AWS services from a single user interface with the introduction of AWS Auto Scaling. This new service unifies and builds on existing, service-specific, scaling features. Read more in New AWS Auto Scaling – Unified Scaling For Your Cloud Applications.

If you are running workloads in Kubernetes, your site reliability engineering (SRE) and operations (Ops) teams need right kind of tooling to ensure the high-reliability of the Kubernetes cluster and workloads running in it. Here is a list of 10 open-source Kubernetes tools for highly effective SRE and Ops Teams by Abhishek Tiwari.

Product people build things that serve some purpose and solve some problem. Unfortunately, when it comes to machine learning, most are forgetting this. Chris Butler, Strategy and product at Philosophie NYC, shares his thoughts in Robots need love too - Empathy Mapping for AI.


Bringing Robots as a Service to your home with Robin Autopilot [Podcast]

Robin Autopilot is on a mission to disrupt the multi-billion dollar lawn care industry by delivering a better customer experience through modern technology, oh and bringing robots to your home - can't forget the robots!


The Bigger Picture Around Microservices


The shift to microservices architecture has been a major center of attention for engineers in recent years. And there are plenty of reasons why. 


The Evolution of UX in Virtual Reality


As VR and AR continue to emerge as leading technologies for the next wave of digital disruption, we have to think about how to adapt beyond just hardware and software functionality.

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