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A year into his role Walmart CIO, Clay Johnson, shares his priorities: Productizing IT And Process Automation With AI.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) at 7-Eleven, Gurmeet Singh, debates whether CIOs drive digital transformation – The short answer is 'Yes', with these four key steps.

Read the Top 3 Trends for CIOs in 2018 by tech industry veteran, Chris Stone. Industry leaders will need more than flexible IT and a strong dev team, but a fresh way of thinking about what their company builds, buys, and prioritizes.

“Security” used to mean worrying about HTTPS certificates on your websites. The notion of a “device” was a browser and all you really had to do was to guarantee that traffic between it and your web servers was encrypted. But now, according to Pete Johnson, Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco, “device” means something different. Read on in Connected Devices, Remote Security: Data Encryption and Security in the Cloud.

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