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Dialexa's CEO and YPO member, Scott Harper, sat down with Inc. Magazine columnist Kevin Daum to share what lessons he has learned in scaling Dialexa from a startup to a growing brand whilst still maintaining the excitement that comes with those earlier years.

Chief Information Officer and Healthcare Executive for Swope Health Services, Brian Thomas, Kansas City's largest community health center, offers his insights into Leveraging machine learning to get more out of CRMs.

The key to building successful business relationship management practices is hiring for learning intelligence. CIO and influencer, Peter B. Nichol, explains Why High-Performance Business Relationship Managers Embrace Learning Intelligence.

Sustaining innovation over time is incredibly hard. Without a long term commitment, most organizations experience innovation collapse. Listen to Phil Mckinney’s most recent Killer Innovations episode, 4 Signs Your Organization Is Headed Toward Innovation Collapse.

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Domain Driven Design (DDD)


Understanding how your solution evolves over time opens your mind to various starting points, but we still haven't answered the main domain boundary question, "Where do I start?"


Your Software Platform Strategy: A Technical Perspective


Building a software platform is no simple task, but it’s not impossible to accomplish with a small team and a solid strategy.


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Check out our new weekly podcast that explores the many traits of successful product development.

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