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In this episode of CIO’s Podcast, IDG’s Tom Schmidt talks to Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research and author of the best-selling book Disrupting Digital, about how a multi-modal approach is the key to successful digital transformation in Are You Positioned for IT Optimization and Innovation?

The key is to uncover a candidate’s motivations, then pull that thread through the entire interview process. In short: Be closing all the time. Learn how Adil AjmalFormer Amazon Exec Gets Top Talent To Accept Job Offers

Those early days are a blast but at some point, the fun becomes work. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Harper figured out how to maintain the same excitement in later stages. Read best-selling author Kevin Daum’s Inc. article- Growing Companies Can Still Excite Employees with Startup Energy Even When No Longer a Startup

Don't forget to check out last month's webinar recording on how to successfully jump-start an organization's digital transformation efforts by identifying a beachhead.


The Business Advantage of Custom Platform Engineering


Understanding how your solution evolves over time opens your mind to various starting points, but we still haven't answered the main domain boundary question, "Where do I start?"


Your Software Platform Strategy: A Technical Perspective


Our third, and final, post in this series on setting up your software platform strategy. With the emergence of “the cloud”, the landscape of software development has shifted to empower small businesses with luxuries previously unaffordable. 


Scott Harper - The Business Opportunity of Custom Development


In this latest episode of Custom Made, I sat down to with Scott Harper to talk about how he saw the business opportunity around custom engineering that put him on the path to launching Dialexa

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