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Weekly Top Reads:

CIO Dive’s tech and cybersecurity editor, Naomi Eide, discusses how organizations are trying to find actionable intelligence from an array of data sets living across disparate systems in The rise of Big Data: Why companies are amassing information to drive insight 

Trevor Schulze, CIO of Micron talks about how Micron overhauled its data management strategy, embedding crack teams of data scientists within an array of business units. Here’s how that centralized strategy has delivered impressive results. Learn more in The big-time benefits of a centralized data analytics team

CrowdStrike’ Chief Scientist Sven Krasser, answers 3 critical questions to ask about machine learning in cybersecurity

MIT Sloan's Jeanne Ross, speaking to an audience of CIOs, cited vision, action, and architecture among the key components of a digital transformation initiative

CIO Strategies: Taking a look at the options for the tech chief beyond the traditional CIO role. Mark Samuels discusses the Tech career paths: Where do CIOs go next?

Geoff Webb, VP of Strategy at Micro Focus and on the Forbes Technology Council, steps in to address the Top 5 Areas Where CIOs Need to Deliver Innovative Change

Minimum Testable Features—A Different Approach to Agile Software Development-Renamed.jpeg

Five Best Practices for Software Development Projects

There isn't a "playbook" on the components of the ideal software development project. We pulled together some of our most tried and true best practices that make software development projects at Dialexa work better.


How Small Teams Create The Most Iconic Products

Consumers and enterprise users alike expect a phenomenal experience - and they don’t care how difficult it is to build. They just want it to work.
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