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Weekly Top Reads:

Justin Crandall and Bart Lomont, Co-Founders of Autopilot by Robin, are on CBS This Morning discussing how robots are transforming American homes -- and lawns

Joe McKendrick, a contributor for Forbes, goes in depth about adopting a constellation of technologies and making fundamental changes to corporate culture in The 5 Traits of Digitally Advanced Companies

Stephanie Vozza of Fast Company, talks about Why Your Summer Schedule Should Be A Blueprint For Your Life. The slower pace and the space to reflect can reveal how you should be spending your work days all year long.

CIO’s Senior Writer, Thor Olavsrud, covers how Non-IT line of business leaders are increasingly taking over the technology purchasing responsibility that has traditionally belonged to CIOs. One industry expert argues this shift represents an opportunity for CIOs step into strategic role as tech buying moves out of IT

Enterprise chatbots solutions are changing the way we communicate and interact. Chatbot builder, Murray Newlands, discuss how enterprise chatbot solutions with AI and Voice-Activation are the future


Travel Service Exchange - a new distribution model concept from Sabre

Travel technology company, Sabre, partnered with Dialexa to develop and implement a custom product that provides a new discovery and store channel for its Travel Service Providers. 


Joining The SMU Digital Accelerator™ Advisory Board


With rapidly advancing technologies and highly-informed customers, the need to develop new ways to drive projects quickly and efficiently is greater than ever.

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