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Weekly Top Reads:

As the first half of 2017 closes, Justine Brown of CIODIVE, talks about the forecast of future technologies CIO’s need to consider heading into 2018 in 4 Enterprise IT Trends for the Second Half of 2017.

Do you know how to measure the costs of a data center outage? Tim Kittila digs into 10 Things Every CIO Must Know about Their Data Centers

Chris Corrado, London Stock Exchange Group's CIO And COO, has been an IT leader at many esteemed financial services companies and technology companies. Discover why he notes that CIOs need to be much more cognizant of the "I" in their title in London Stock Exchange Group's CIO And COO Believes More CIOs Will Become COOs - Here's Why

If you feel as if you and your organization can't keep up with the vortex of blinding-fast technology and business change, you're not alone. Ben Haines, Chief Information Officer of Oath (the new organization assembled from Verizon's recent acquisition of Yahoo, Inc), was interviewed about his challenges and experiences with rapid shifts in Yahoo CIO’s Advice: Seize The Moment

If you want to run an innovative IT organization, you need everyone on your team to be an agent of innovation. Curt Carver ,VP and CIO of the University of Alabama, lays out how to inspire and make way for innovation in A CIO’s Advice: 3 Ways to Empower Innovators. 



7 Tips To Help Your Design Workflow Using Sketch

Its small file size, gentle learning curve, and time-saving techniques make it a no-brainer to buy and keep. Here are seven tips to help you fall in love with this app.


Integrating Human, Digital, Physical, And Virtual Realms

Forrester has just released their report on designing and creating a better, more holistic, customer experience across human, digital, physical and virtual realms. Our work with ParkHub has been showcased on how this integrated CX is being applied in the real-world
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