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Weekly Top Reads:

Steve Vassallo, author of The Way to Design, writes how Design Thinking as it was conceived 15 years ago, has outlived its usefulness...enter Systems Thinking.

James A. Martin, from, identifies ways in which AI and machine learning are already having an impact on how we travel for work and pleasure. From chatbots to robotic bellhops - 7 ways AI will revolutionize business travel.

Without worrying about being a technically perfect description, Jamie Skella provides an explanation of blockchain your parents could understand.

Chris Stetson, Chief Architect of Microservices Engineering at NGINX, discusses how to ‘Refactor’ Monolithic Applications into Microservices.

Linda Tucci, Executive Editor at TechTarget, showcases how two award-winning CIOs talk about how they helped forge a digital path for their companies and, in the process, became partners to the business.

Thor Olavsrud, Senior Writer at CIO, writes that the convergence of IT and operational technology provides a prime opportunity for business-minded CIOs to shine.


Disrupt Your Business From The Outside In

Take a blue-sky approach to digital innovation by asking how technology can deliver what customers value most


Cloud Infrastructure - A Technical Perspective On Software Platform Strategy

The emergence of “the cloud” has shifted to empower small businesses with luxuries previously unaffordable.
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