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Weekly Top Reads:

IoTAgenda gives three design principles that will stop companies from just designing an IoT product but rather design for UX in Design an IoT user experience, not an IoT product.

Computer science blogger Ozan Onay talks about the UNPHAT method for new technology to build your architect around. Learn more about why You Are Not Google

VendorMatch CEO gives his opinion and insight in 8 steps CIOs can take for successful supply chain management for CIOs and IT decision makers.

SAP's Kann Turnali discusses how Digital Transformation Is Not a Technology Makeover. It’s a Business Revolution.

Steve Zurier of Zfeatures evaluates a myriad of emerging tools necessary to ensure connected enterprises don’t get hacked in Vendors changing the state of security in IoT environments.

Global Head of Strategy at Credit Suisse, Falguni Desai, shares six simple ways to make sure your strategic plan remains relevant and gets executed in Secrets To Making Corporate Strategy Work.


Low-Code vs. Custom Platforms—Choosing the Right Approach for Digital Transformation

If your only focus is fast tracking digital transformation, you might be putting your efforts at risk.

Organizational Challenges CIOs Companies Change Rapidly Autumn Leaves Email.jpg

Organizational Challenges CIOs Face as Companies Change Rapidly — And What to Do About Them

In the context of technology strategy for business outcomes, mergers and acquisitions are what initiate rapid changes for your company.
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