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Special guest Kate Aronowitz is a design partner at Google Ventures and was previously in design leadership positions at Facebook, Wealthfront, and eBay. She discusses the opportunities and responsibilities of designers as they advance in their careers, gain more influence, and achieve that fabled seat at the table in Ep#41 of Presentable: What to Do With a Seat at the Table.

Current Deep Learning frameworks only provide a single part of a complete solution. Fortunately, Google and Uber have provided a glimpse of their internal architectures. The architectures of these two giants can be two excellent base-camps if you need to build your own production ready Deep Learning solution in Carlos E. Perez’s Google and Uber’s Best Practices for Deep Learning.

Clay Chandler is TIME International's executive editor and chairman of Brainstorm Design, discuss how tech companies are starting to see the value of design in The Meaning of Design Is up for Debate. And That’s a Good Thing.

As an organization grows, how do we make sure that an insight uncovered by one person effectively transfers beyond the targeted recipient? Chetan Sharma, Sr Data Scientist, and Jan Overgoor, Data Scientist, discuss how they are Scaling Knowledge at Airbnb.


Site Reliability Engineering - Helping CIOs not get fired [Podcast]


In today's technology landscape end-user expectations for application performance are at an all-time high, and with all companies now becoming technology companies, it is critical to ensure that your technology performs at as optimal a level as possible.


Bringing Modern Methods to Your Enterprise


In my experience working with enterprise clients, I’ve noticed three operational patterns that hinder modernization: trouble navigating existing processes, dealing with management changes, and fear of failure.


Moving Projects Forward With Conceptual Prototyping


Our Conceptual Prototyping method helps with gaining clarity on a project/product. When you begin prototyping the team must make decisions on the business rules and general content. This helps to uncover areas that can slow down or cost a lot to change in development.

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